FTSE 100 rockets to record high

Yesterday (24/02/2015) marked an historic day for the London stock market. The FTSE 100 index hit a new record high of 6958.89, closing on 6949.63.

The index has been steadily rising for months, helped by the central bank stimulus and improvements to the British and US economies that have offset weakness in China and Eurozone strains.

The previous high was in December 1999 during the dotcom boom and since have seen many highs and lows.

The index slumped in the new millennium as over inflated technology stocks plummeted, and it has not regained its levels since.

Stock markets in America rose to record levels on Friday after Greece reached an agreement with creditors to extend financing to the country for four months. Traders have been closely watching events in Greece on Monday, with it’s prime minister Alexis Tsipras to unveil spending and tax plans.

At lunchtime on Wednesday (25/02/2015) the index fell back slightly to 6928.03.

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